Landscape and Still Life Paintings in Watercolor and Casein

Priscilla Levesque, Artist

Priscilla Levesque, Artist My inspiration is the landscapes by 19th century artists such as Pissarro, Seurat, Signac , Luce and others who used the pointillist technique in their paintings. I find it challenging to create optical mixtures by juxtaposing small dots of numerous colors which, when viewed at a distance, appear to merge into one color.

I work in transparent watercolor and also casein, which is an opaque water-based paint. An advantage of opaque paint is the ease of making revisions and altering colors. Whenever I feel that an area is too dark, I can cover it with a lighter color because casein dries rapidly. I usually begin a painting with a watercolor underpainting and then work over it with casein, applying pointillist dots.

I prefer painting outdoors on location, rather than doing an entire painting in the studio with photos. When it is cold or raining, I park at my landscape and paint in my car. By working at the actual scene, I can observe details or nuances of light which might get lost in a photo.